Best VR Headset for Movies 2021 – Top Products Review & Buying Guide

Best VR Headset for Movies 2021! Are you a movie lover? Do you want the taste of the cinema at home? 

Then don’t worry

You have targeted the best platform to have the experience of 3D movie watching. Firstly, grab the best Vr headset for movies 2021 in order to have unbeatable pleasure. 

The Best VR headset 2021 and the 3D movie is the best combination for entertainment through the home. VR technology is updating every day therefore, you need the best we VR to google to enjoy the present moment. 

A good quality VR headset allows you to listen to every movement of the movie characters. 

In addition,

You will have a good display option using the best VR headset. 

Besides all

Choose the best virtual movies to enhance the thrilling experience. 

To help you in a sense, we have mentioned the best headset for a better movie-watching experience.

Best VR Headset for Movies 2021

Best Overall
Best Vr headset for movies 2021

1. GOOVIS Cinego G2 Cinema VR Headset


  • Product Dimensions: 10.51 x 9.65 x 3.23 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.76 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Hardware Interface: MicroSD, USB, Micro USB Type A, HDMI
  • Display Size: 4.3 Inches
  • Voice command: Mouse, Keyboard, Touch Pad

With the 4.3 inches display size and microSD hardware interface, it is among the best headset for movies. Moving further, it can be operated with voice commands other than Mouse keyboard and touchpad. 

A step more to the features of the product 

You will get high resolution with the Sony customized OLED microdisplay. 

It provides you super-fine image quality with 113%  sRGB having 3147 PPI. In addition, the 3D effect gives you a realistic cinema experience at home. 

Digging down into the details 

You can have a personal theatre on your Android devices using this headset. Download different applications to your smartphones and enjoy an unlimited mobile experience.

More storage than expected 

Get Unstoppable entertainment during the 256 GB internal storage in the TF card. Upload and download your favorite resources by connecting it to 2 devices having an HDMI interface. 

Which devices can I connect to my headsets?

You can connect almost all smart devices including set-top box, PS4, Xbox, PC, drone, Smartphones, and Goovis control Box.

Ultra-comfortable in use

With the bodyweight of 7.05 oz. only, it is super light and easily portable. Therefore, you can have the Giants screen pleasure without the weight pressure. 

Additionally, you can use the eye Care function with the adjustment levels. 

It will not only reduce the clear but also reflect more light from the screen. At the end  It is super easy to use the product with the control box as a mouse and a touchpad function.


  • Adjustable head strap
  • Least harmful for eyes 
  • Head-mounted display
  • Can be connected to several devices 
  • Full HD display 


  • A bit expensive (but it worth that price)
Top Pick
Best Vr headset for movies 2021

2. HTC Vive Pro Focus Plus 6DOF VR Headset


  • Controller Type: Button Control
  • Item Weight: 5.42 pounds
  • Connector-type: USB Type C
  • Item Dimensions: 15.16 x 12.64 x 7.68 inches
  • Item model number: VIVEFocus1

HTC Vive Pro focus plus is the best VR headset as it includes memory support up to 2 TB. However, the internal storage is 32 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM. 

In addition 

It comes with built-in speakers having a 3.5 mm headphone jack. You can also enjoy the microphone with 2 times noise cancellation. 

The design of the headphone

If we put light on the design, it is super comfortable in use with proper padding at the front and back. There is a flexible head strap at the back so that you can adjust accordingly. 

Comes with super controllable controllers

Have balanced controls from far away using the two controllers. This is the best VR system 2021 not only for movie watching but also a gaming. 

Easily portable

The product is extremely light in weight so that you feel comfortable wearing the headset. Moreover, you can take it to different entertainment stations without the worry of carrying. 


Use the headphone for 3 hours using the rechargeable battery. 

Furthermore, the display resolution is up to 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye. The adjustable IPD range of the headset is 60.5 to 74 mm. 

At the last,

You can connect the headset to your PC using the USB Type C and QC 3.0 charger. Feel free while watching the 3D movie with the best visual graphics. 


  • Super sharp visuals
  • Easy to plug and play
  • Comes with cutting edge technology
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor
  • Built-in microphone and speaker


  • Issues in streaming from PC
Premium Quality
Best Vr Headset for movies 2021

3: GOOVIS Pro VR Headset – With D3 Controller 


  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 9.92 x 3.43 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.75 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Blue -ray 3D 4K High Resolution

For excellent image quality and high resolution up to 4K, get it for 3D movie watching.

Get the feel on cinema

Feel like you are seating in an 800-inch IMAX theater using the headset. In addition, it comes with Sony customized OLED so that your eyes do not fatigue after movie watching. 

Unlimited mobile entertainment 

With the 256 GB TF card, you can enjoy several movies online and offline.

You can play YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and much more to enjoy the online video and watch. Additionally, connect your headset with intelligent devices to increase the chances of your entertainment. 

Comes with Eye care function

In order to meet the eyesight prescriptions, you can adjust the eye distance individually.

It will help you watch the movie for a long time without irritation. Therefore, the headset is included among the best VR headsets for movies 2021.

Easy to use

Using the Touchpad function and control box, you can handle the play options easily. 

In order to stop the headset from working,  we have to take it off! All the other features are operable with the touchpad.


  • Super light in weight
  • Easy to control
  • Comes with a pupil adjustment option
  • Feels like giant screen cinema
  • Connectable to different devices
  • 3 kinds of viewing mode


  • The battery takes a long time to charge

4: Lenovo Star Wars – Experience the augmented reality 

Best Vr Headset for Movies 2021


  • Dimensions: 8.24 x 6.09 x 3.28 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.04 pounds
  • Manufacturer: VRbeatz
  • Platform: IOS, Android
  • Color: Black

Are you searching for a headset for your Android devices? 

No worries!!

Either it is an Android or iPhone device you can entertain your guests and yourself properly. Using the Lenovo stars minimizes your tension of having a PC or other devices to enjoy 3D movies and gaming. 

Featured with Augmented reality 

Bring the Star Wars headset to your home and enjoy and immerse journey towards Epic experiences. You can enjoy lightsaber Battles, strategic combat, Holochess, and so on…

Train your mind for the ultimate gaming 

Defeat the troops of your enemy in assault mode. Cross the six levels of different planets. On the other hand, engage yourself in 1 on 1 local multiplayer battles. In the end, beware of the counter attacks!

Enjoy the Touchless Reality

Using the sword, you can kill your opponent without harming. The most attractive feature of Star Wars is the dark side expansion. Using it you can enjoy the Jedi challenges apps.

In addition

You can also enjoy the Ship battles to command your Rebel and empire fleets in PvP space combat. Lastly, the Jedi update is now available for all mobile versions. 

In the end,

Have fun with your friends and family while watching the exciting 3D movies. 

You can have additional fun using the phone compatibility option. You can connect almost every phone including Moto, Sony, Google Pixel, Samsung, and iPhone.


  • Featured with augmented reality
  • Compatible with a 6.5-inch screen 
  • Light in weight 
  • Easily operable
  • Three gaming modes


  • Device setup is complicated 

5: Samsung HMD Odyssey+ – Have the best movie-watching experience

Best Vr Headset for Movies 2021


  • Dimensions: 7.64 x 5.08 x 4.3 inches
  • Item weight: 1.76 pounds
  • Optical Drive Type: DVD+RW
  • Connections: Bluetooth

Featured with the 3K anti-side AMOLED display, we have the best VR headset for movies 2021. Reveal the hidden secrets of the movies using the best display with built-in audio technology. 

Putting light on its features

Get into the movie, having the 1100 field of view so that you can enjoy every aspect. With the precise LED adjustment you can control it in your way. 

Enjoy the clear sound 

Using the built-in mic and speakers, you can enjoy premium audio quality.

Besides all, AKG headphones do not need any introduction. You can listen to the unrevealed sounds as well in order to have an unbeatable experience. 

Above all,

Disclose all the scenes of the movie with the auto adjustable contrast between pure white and Ultra Deep black. It allows you to expose the darkest scenes of the movie as well with precision control LEDs. 

Ultra-comfortable and cool in use

Due to the lightweight of the product, you will not find any problem in wearing it for a long time. 


You can have a glimpse of your surrounding flashlight option. Without taking off your headset you can use the flashlight shortcut using the Windows button.


Have the 6 degrees of freedom using the headset to enjoy the snacks along with the movie.  Control the movies with the controllers that you will get with it. 


  • 360 degrees of spatial sound
  • Featured with AMOLED
  • 2880*1600 resolution
  • Auto adjustable contrast
  • Built-in mic and audio


  • Expensive than other VR headsets

What should I Do While Buying the Best VR headset for Movies

Watching VR movies might have a bad impact on your mental and physical health. 


You must be choosy in selecting your product. Follow your concern for overall quality and video resolution. However, keep in mind to check the following points 

Display resolution 

Generally, there are two types of headsets. One of them comes with a built-in screen display with better resolution. On the other hand, some headphones use your mobile phone as a screen display.

However, the headset with a built-in screen is more expensive than the other one. But the matter of fact is qualitative movie watching. 

Therefore, you have to pay a number of more pennies for a better experience. 

The best VR headset for movies 2021 comes up to 4k or 8k resolution these days. So, the choice is yours on which product you are going to spend your money on. 

Interpupillary and focal distance adjustment

There is a great difference in the user’s eyes. So try to grab the product that allows your adjustable IPD and focal distance. The adjustable focal distance makes the screen more clear with the fixed lens. 

In addition to this, smartphones as well as the headsets come in different sizes. Therefore, the headset with the IPD adjustment feature that allows you to make the view more clear. 

Cost of the VR headset

In the end, the cost is the king of the Technology market. Most often the products are overrated under the tag of Technology. 

In terms of VR headset, you may have your product ranging from $100 to $800. Besides, if you are demanding something more advanced the cost may be upgraded. However, in the end, the choice is yours to select the product that suits your pocket. 


Is there any VR movie on Netflix?

As we have heard the proverb that excess of everything is bad. Likewise, prolonged use of VR gaming might cause eye problems.
However, one hour use per day is optimal for the kids. For long term use, they must have a break in sessions.

Is there any damage to the brain cells using the VR headset?

Excessive use of virtual reality headset can damage your brain cells. The symptoms might include depression, dizziness, or mental collapse

Do we need PCs for VR movies?

A professional VR requires a PC in order to enhance your gaming and movie-watching experience.

Final verdict 

In the above listing, we have reviewed the best VR headset for movies 2021. The intention behind this piece of writing is to help our users to get the best product. 
Not only the product is the main focus but the results as well. 
We assure you that you will find the product qualitative and economical as well. 
In the end, our recommendation from the above list is Samsung HMD Odyssey+. 
Don’t forget to share your views if you use any of the above products, in the comment section below.  You can also put your recommendation for other users.
Happy movie watching video friends and family!

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