How to Create Virtual Reality Content – A Comprehensive Guide

How to create your own virtual reality content? Follow the below simple steps. If you are really interested in Creating your VR content, you must be a good photographer.  

How to Create Virtual Reality Content

There are two steps to create a virtual reality movie.

1. Make 360-degree video 

This is one of the cheapest solutions to create VR content. In addition, most of the people can use this process. The expense for this method is really a photographic camera and the editing cost.

This method is efficient in order to cover the real-world events. It might include any of the award ceremonies or concerts, for example. 

Keep in mind 

In order to capture a 360-degree video you will need a 360-degree spherical camera. Before getting the camera make sure that it is capable of capturing high-quality videos. 

Also, note that,

While making a video make sure that your camera maintains a still position. If there is randomness in the photography it might cause motion sickness to the viewer. 

How can I maintain my camera position? 

There are different methods to keep your camera in a stable position. It depends on the type of video you want to capture. 

You can try the following suggestions:

  • Try Drone footage 
  • Place the camera on the tripod stand 
  • Mount the camera on a cameraman 

However, from the above three possibilities tripod stands are the most feasible one. 

In addition, if you can afford a drone, it will be the best option as well!

Don’t forget 

The equipment you are using might be recorded in your footage. 

However, you can edit it afterward to make it invisible. 

The next step you have to follow is 3D animation with video editing tools. 

You can also buy the best VR headset 2021 as well!

2. Add 3D animation in your video 

With the 3D effects, the user can look around the pivot from a spot. 

It allows him to enjoy the 3D animations and look a bit closer to the fake images of real life. 

The animation can bring virtual things to your actual eyes. 

How can I add animation to my 360 degree videos? 

If you’re looking for an easy solution you can try structure sensors to add animations. 

It captures the real-world images and instantly creates its 3D models. 

Besides all, 

It is one of the easiest and quick methods to have 3D animation on your smartphone. 

You can capture your room, furniture, or human beings as well. To get the best results try to use an iPad. 

Another way is using gaming engines 

You can also try VR experience using the game engines including Unity or Unreal engine

Both of the platforms have added a number of tutorials to make the 3D construction easy for the users.

To have a better understanding you can try the tutorial from Google cardboard virtual reality app. 

Worth mentioning 

It is a difficult and professional platform to create virtual reality content.

Final words 

We have mentioned the simple way to create virtual reality content in this piece of writing.

You can try any of them but don’t forget to share your review with us.

In addition, you can share your content with us to display on our site. 

Wish you a good experience! 

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