How to Make a VR Headset without Lenses – Experience at home

How to Make a VR Headset without Lenses! If you are a lover of 3D animated movies, 3D gaming, or 3D imaging you will love to make the VR headset. 

Have you ever thought about how it works? Either you have tried to make it at home? 

Not everyone can afford a VR headset for professional use. To help you in this situation we have a simple method for you to make a VR headset without lenses. 

How to Make a VR Headset Without Lenses

Make your own cardboard VR headset to have an Ultimate gaming experience.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to move further 

Gather the materials

To make the headset at home trap the following materials 

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Foam
  • Water

Cut the cardboard according to your need 

  • Place your cell phone diagonally and have the dimensions over the edges. 
  • The size of a smartphone varies from company to company so it is necessary to measure it every time. 
  • Cut your cardboard in a rectangular manner according to the measurements. 
  • Stick the rectangular pieces one upon another using the Glue. 
  • In the next step, cut the bottom-mid of your nose portion in a trapezoid shape. 

Prepare the bottom portion of the headset

  • In the like manner, cut the piece of cardboard a bit wider and longer than your phone measurement.
  • This step is to make sure that there is a sufficient distance between your eyes and your smartphone.
  • Afterward cut to two identical circles as the nose holder. 
  • Then you will need identical rectangles to place at both sides of the headset.
  • Stick the pieces at the lower side of the headset using glue. 
  • You are half done after the step.

Assemble the upper portion with the lower portion 

  • Attach the first piece with the second one by keeping a sufficient distance to place a smartphone. 
  • In order to make the grip stronger, you can add some small pieces as well. 
  • Place the small pieces of cardboard vertically in the middle of the box.
  • It will keep your eyes at distance in order to create a 3D effect.

Place of front and top side together 

  • After an appropriate measurement, we will attach the front face of the box.
  • Before doing so make sure that you have checked the camera positioning using the camera hole.

Place a headband 

  • In order to wear a headset, you will need an elastic headband. 
  • To do so punch two holes in the side of your VR headset.  
  • Place the headband and try your homemade VR headset. 

Conclusive words 

We have mentioned the easy-to-follow guide to make the headset without a lens at home. The making does not cost too much therefore everyone can try it making at their place. 

In addition, you can have an idea of making the lens for the VR headset as well. Place the lens and cardboard headset together to have an immense 3D experience. 

Try it at home and do share your views about the headset with us in the comments section below.

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