How to Use VR Headset with IPhone? Easy Methods With Using Guide

How to use VR headset with iPhone? iPhone users always remain in trouble for using their favorite applications. 

Are you facing the same problem? 

If you are also an iPhone user you might have facing troubles in experiencing VR applications.

You might be finding headphones that are capable of iPhones. Or instead, you are looking for the iPhone we are applications. 

How to use VR headset with iPhone?

How does Virtual Reality Work with Phones

In both cases, you are at the right platform as we are going to recommend you the best Vr headsets for iPhones. You will also get to know about the popular VR applications for iPhone.

So, make your holiday thrilling 

If you follow the recommendations, you can make your weekend more exciting. 

What do you need to experience VR on the iPhone? 

Either you are an Android user or an iPhone lover, you need the following things in order to enjoy virtual reality.

  • Mobile applications that deliver VR content 
  • A VR headset with two lenses having an immense viewing environment. 

Method to use virtual reality on iPhone 

After you have grabbed the above-mentioned products, you will be able to enjoy VR on iPhone. 

To do so follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Get the virtual reality application from the app store you want to try. 
  • Launch the application and download it to your phone. 
  • Afterward, place the iPhone’s screen in front of the viewer.
  • Take the VR headset in order to enjoy the VR content. 
  • You will not be able to interact with the object of VR however; you can feel the emerging towards you.
  • To have more fun, take the controllers and defeat your enemy using your powers. 
  • On the other hand, there are some of the VR contents that are passive. 
  • You can only watch it like a movie or story watching. 
  • However, the interaction is possible in gaming mode only. 

Which headset is compatible with virtual reality with the iPhone? 

Not all headsets allow you the ultimate virtual reality experience on the iPhone. 

However, you can get the following headsets for a better experience. 

Dodocase P2

It is the simplest cardboard viewer having a simple design like Google cardboard. All the users can enjoy the virtual reality content using this headset. 

Google cardboard

It is the next level, virtual reality viewer. It is Ultra-light in weight at an economical price. You can also try it making it home!

Homido VR

This is the best headset for people who wear glasses. It allows you the ultimate comfort and comes with an adjustable lens according to your face. 

View master

If you are finding the headset for your child, it will be the best option for you. It comes with built-in apps as well.

Zeiss VR One Plus

If you want to elaborate your choice for the VR headset for iPhone, you can go for this one. It can support Augmented reality but you have to pay more for it. 

In order to enjoy virtual reality on iPhone, you can try a number of applications.

To help you out in this situation you can try the following recommendations:


It allows you to explore different cities around the world. You can download the application from the App Store. Afterward, you are free Tu to explore the world. 


If you want to try educational virtual reality content, try the New York Times production. The application collects different journalism and the best educational content. 

Discovery VR

You can try an immersive experience from the discovery channel application. Captivate yourself to the virtual reality world in real life. 

Jaunt VT

The application is powered by the biggest VR production studios including ESPN. You can have a number of documentaries and football content using this application.


This is an amazing application to have a good collection of narrative experiences. This includes the content from US TV shows. 

How does Virtual Reality Work with Phones?

As it is obvious from the above content that iPhone users can not fully enjoy the VR content. 

Still, there is hope for better VR content on the iPhone in the future. 

However, the predictions about the chances of good VR content on the iPhone is not positive. 

On the other hand, if the public demands it, The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has to look upon it.

In the end, we might find a better solution in the next model from the iPhone. 

Happy Gaming With Best Vr Headset 2021!

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